‘Young-looking skin’ may be what many think they are looking for, but if you’re currently blessed with actual youth, you may feel a bit more ambivalent about young skin!

Hormonal eruptions, dark circles from burning the candle at both ends, stress, and the after-effects of fun makeup and facial treatments can leave your skin feeling blemished and irritated.


If your skin is prone to breakouts, then the first thing I would say, is that you absolutely need to avoid harsh products.

It’s true that your skin’s natural oil production may be at its highest in this part of your life, but violently stripping off this protective mantle is not what your skin needs.

Strong cleansing, and abrasive or acidic scrubs, can give a ‘really clean’ feeling, but actually those products may be irritating your skin, and even causing your breakouts.

If your skin feels tight after cleansing, your cleansing products were too harsh for your skin. Read more on this in my article about whether you have sensitive skin .


It may be tempting to cover over anything in your complexion which is not looking its best – and I did this too, when I suffered with some acne during my young years as a model .

But heavy makeup is aging , and one thing you should definitely feel free to do in your youth is celebrate your clean, clear, bright skin!

And if that’s not how your skin is feeling, then I definitely recommend you look at the products you are using. The right products for you should make your skin look and feel just wonderful.


You are blessed with the opportunity to make great choices about what you put into and onto your body, while much of your life’s path is still ahead of you.

You can start forging a lifetime of self-supporting habits, including choosing healthy natural products , and cultivating a skincare routine that gives your skin just what it needs.

Be careful when choosing organic skincare not to use a brand which relies on high levels of alcohol as a preservative – this may be too harsh for your skin.


But most of all, look after yourself! Treat yourself with love.

Have fun, and live young, and live wild, and make sure you also nourish your body and soul.

Eat things your body loves, and give it invigorating exercise. Meditate, hike, do yoga or tai chi, and nourish your cool calm yin in this fast loud yang world!

Looking and feeling effortlessly beautiful, is the gift your youth should be filled with.

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