In this picture from my modeling days, my skin looks lovely and clear. I have to say though, that it wasn’t always like that.

Even while I was rushing from one photoshoot to another, I lived in dread of my skin erupting into an outburst of acne at just the wrong moment.

But one of those breakouts, which came at the worst possible moment, led me to the solution that would change my skin, and philosophy, forever.

Into the Dead Sea

I had been hired by the German magazine Der Spiegel for a swimsuit feature to be shot in the Dead Sea. The day before the shoot, I broke out in spots. My face, my neck, my chest- everywhere!

I slapped heavy makeup over my pimples, and hoped for the best. But, as soon as the art director had us move into the water, the makeup all washed off.

The Dead Sea Salts Cleared My Skin

Then the miracle happened! As soon as it was immersed in those biblical waters, rich with salts and minerals, my skin started to clear. In just ten minutes the skin of my chest was smooth again.

Tentatively, I patted the water onto my face. Almost immediately, that skin, too, started to calm and soothe. By the time the photographer was ready to shoot, my skin was completely clear, and no-one had ever noticed otherwise.

The salt water had penetrated into my pores, bathing them with antiseptic minerals. My skin could really breathe and my complexion totally cleared. It felt like such a miracle, and it woke me to the healing power of mineral salts.

Then I Discovered Breton Sea Salt

When I formulated Exfoliant Superiéure, I turned first to Dead Sea Salt as a natural exfoliator. I knew it made a fabulous detoxing bath.  But I found the crystals to be too rough for my skin when used as a face scrub.  So I steered my research towards gentler options. I discovered the gorgeous fine-milled salts of the Breton region of France.

The salts are used as a gentle face scrub to loosen dead cells that otherwise cause skin to look tired and dull. They deeply cleanse the pores, purifying and disinfecting them. Their gentle abrading action stimulates the skin’s surface circulation. A simple 30-second treatment once or twice a week can give you polished skin, radiant with health. – A 30-Second Facial for Radiant Skin

Exfoliant Superieure

The French use the hot summer sun to dry sea water in clay-lined pools, before they stone-grind the evaporated salt into a fine powder. They have known of its beauty benefits for generations. French spas are renowned for their therapeutic use of these fine, natural salts.

I combined these beautiful salts with soothing Aloe Vera juice, cleansing Jojoba oil, and other organic emollients, to make a deeply cleansing and nourishing exfoliant which is suitable for all skin types.

And for a Gentle, Natural Peel…

To complete the product, I added Willow Bark Extract, a natural source of β-hydroxy acid, also known as salicylic acid. In its natural form within willow bark extract, salicylic acid has fewer sensitivity risks than when used as an isolated synthetic ingredient. This lets Exfoliant Supérieure be used as a gentle, natural peel.  Just leave it on the skin for twenty minutes or so after routine exfoliating and reveal healthy, luminous skin as nature intended.


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