After decades of working in the beauty industry, both in front of and behind the scenes, I’ve seen it all. What I found was that, even though there’s so much effort put into developing and marketing products, nothing was delivering what I was looking for. I wanted a high-quality organic moisturizer that would nurture a woman’s natural beauty, no matter her age.

Sourced from Nature

As a model I hid my skin imperfections with makeup. This helped mask the issue but I was seeking a long-term solution. Through my travels, I fell in love with the various sites and cultures that drew their self-care from the land. From swimming in the salty waters of the Dead Sea to detoxing in mud baths of Jamaica, I was inspired to continue this art of sourcing from nature.

Timeless Beauty

Through years of traveling and working with others, I feel as though I’ve discovered the secret to timeless beauty. In my opinion, true beauty is a feeling, an allure that radiates from within. There’s no amount of makeup that can create the same effect as a beautiful soul. Connecting to one’s inner spark through quality self care practices is the secret to eternal radiance. Regardless of age, gender or skin type, you can always invest in quality skincare that nurtures the timeless beauty within.

Crème Supérieure

I started my skincare business when my daughter, whom I encouraged to embrace organic care, challenged me to start my own line, based on the creams I made for myself. So I decided to test it on twenty of my fussiest friends who were using the most expensive beauty brands. This was no easy task, as they truly believed in all the hype. They thought that the more expensive the product, the better it must work.

My goal was to see if my creams were as good as their expensive, but chemical-laden ones, or better. If 80% of these lovely, intelligent, brainwashed women thought my products were as good as what they had been using, I would begin an organic skincare business. To my delight, 100% of them came back saying “this is the best moisturizer I’ve ever used.” It was then that I felt confident I had a business. The results spoke for themselves, and just by word of mouth, my business grew quickly, for which I am most grateful.

Ethical Practices

In designing my line of skincare, I knew it had to reflect my values and beliefs. I highly regard living a balanced lifestyle full of movement, enjoyment and exploration. As an advocate for organic living, I knew I wanted to align my business with the best of the best. This is why I became certified organic by EcoCert, Europe’s leading organic certifier. This holds us to the highest standard for ethical practices which we are happy to abide by. In a world full of exploitation, we strive to honor transparency and wellness for all.

As my passion to help others see immediate results and long-term improvement in their skin grew, my mission to create the best organic products became clearer. Through connecting with organic farming sources from around the globe and staying true to my intentions, I’m delighted to share my organic skincare with you.



  1. Judy Czubati Reply

    Sounds like it is lovely for young skin but what about senior, dry, sensitive skin that is now prone to Rosacea with certain products?

    • gaelle Reply

      Hi Judy, thank you for the great question! Our line has something in it for everyone but it is mostly formulated for dry, sensitive skin types. The moisturizers specifically are fantastic for helping alleviate the symptoms of dry, sensitive skin. For Rosacea prone skin I would highly recommend the Ultra Sensitive Creme. You can shop our products here: and we even have a collection of products suggested for sensitivity. Please let me know if you have any other questions, we’ll be happy to help!

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