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Switching to an organic diet can reduce pesticides in your body by 70% in just six days, according to a new peer-reviewed study. That’s the really good news; the bad news is that Roundup (specifically, glyphosate) the world’s favorite weed-killer, does actually show up in our bodies. It was found even in the body of a four-year old who was included in the study.

Roundup is sprayed on our food, our yards, our public parks and our children’s playgrounds. This is despite the EPA flagging glyphosate as a potential carcinogen as far back as 1982. We just keep using more and more of it. Rather than restricting its use, the EPA has increased permissible levels.

It is a different picture in Europe, which plans to halve the use of pesticides by 2030 and shift to at least 25% organic agriculture. But here in the United States, it is we consumers who will need to lead the way. Some have fought back, winning landmark cases against Monsanto, the manufacturer of Roundup. But for each of us, choosing organic food is an immediate option, and, as the study shows, it is an option with very rapid, measurable results.

You can read more about the Roundup study in this article from The Guardian, and why organic is also best for your personal care products in this article from our blog.

We often think of waxes as household products that seal and protect surfaces from moisture damage. They may not spring to mind as particularly skin-friendly.

But waxes are a highly diverse family. Many waxes have a very low comedogenic rating, meaning they will not block pores – the opposite of what you might expect. They can actually play a significant role in protecting from outbreaks.

Beeswax is a case in point. It is not only non-comedogenic; it also has a skin irritancy rating of zero. It can provide comfort and nourishment even for sensitive skin.

Jojoba Oil is actually a wax, not an oil.  Yet it has a very similar composition to the face’s natural oils. It spreads and absorbs easily, letting the skin ‘breathe’ while moisturizing deeply.

For more about waxes and how they are tested for use in skincare, check out this post by Koster Keunen.

“If you have very dry, irritated skin, this moisturizer is a gift from above, or if you’re someone who suffers from seasonal dryness when heaters are running high, I would highly recommend this moisturizer.”

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Beautiful skin is the result of many different lifestyle choices, but a simplified, organic skin regimen is an excellent investment. One of the many benefits to using organic products is that you will see better results while using less. 

That’s why we are committed to creating luxury, organic skincare that nurtures your skin’s natural radiance.