Colostrum is packed with immune and anti-aging factors to nurture thicker, more supple skin. It calms delicate skin, enabling creams to soothe as they moisturize, a boon for sensitive skin that can often react to anti-aging ingredients, making it difficult to support. 

In addition to its benefits for all skin types, colostrum can work wonders with difficult skin.

What is colostrum?

Colostrum is a sort of pre-milk produced at the end of pregnancy, filled with the antibodies and intense nourishment needed to ensure newborns survive birth and get the immune factors they need. 

 “Bovine colostrum is very similar in makeup to human colostrum. It has many of the same anti-inflammatory and healing benefits and has been found when applied topically to speed wound healing and reduce inflammation. In a 2015 study published in the Journal of Clinical & Diagnostic Research, researchers found that using bovine colostrum powder dressings for deep burns sped up wound healing. The cells and growth factors in colostrum promoted a greater reduction in inflammatory cells and supported healthy cell tissue repair of skin, muscle, cartilage and bone.” — Amy Chang, Bondenavant: Bovine Colostrum Face Cream – Great For Sensitive, Dry Skin

How we source colostrum

Bovine colostrum is collected during the first milking within 6 to 8 hours after a cow gives birth. That’s when it contains the hormones, immunoglobulins and other biologically active substances that make it so beneficial in healing and anti-aging. After that time, colostrum gradually transitions into whole milk.

A calf must receive about 2 quarts of colostrum to support its development as a healthy and productive animal, so at least this amount is usually hand-fed to the calf in a nursing bottle—the dairy farmers we work with always ensure that their calves receive ample amounts of colostrum.

After the calf has received all the colostrum it needs, the average amount of colostrum that can be collected from the mature Holstein cow’s colostrum surplus in the first milking is approximately 9.5 quarts. It is important to ensure it is tested to be free of pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, synthetic hormones, gluten and GMOs, and that it is processed by low-temperature spray drying to preserve its bioactivity.

Ingredients that work synergistically with bovine colostrum 

The main ingredient we highlight working harmoniously with bovine colostrum is edelweiss extract. People with sensitive skin are often unable to find anti-aging products that suit them because active ingredients tend to cause reactions. Even though edelweiss contains abundant antioxidants that are more powerful than vitamin C, edelweiss extract also soothes delicate skin, making it particularly valuable in anti-aging creams for dry sensitive skin – and an excellent complement to colostrum’s healing properties.

Crème Supérieure and Ultra Sensitive Crème feed the skin with antioxidants, minerals, amino acids and growth factor proteins that rejuvenate and revitalize it, giving the complexion a timeless radiance.

Ayurveda, an ancient Hindu practice for cultivating physical, mental and spiritual health, categorizes people according to the way fire, earth, water and air are represented in their makeup. People with a dominance of fire or water will have different body types and health challenges than those who are more earthy or airy. This goes equally for skin. Organic Spa Magazine has drawn up a tip sheet for putting ayurvedic skincare insights into practice. You can see what ayurvedic type you are, and what recommendations this Indian teaching has for your skin, by reading their article: Top Ayurvedic Tips for Balancing Skin Types.

Stress hormones are troublesome for the skin. They damage collagen and accelerate aging. Amy Wechsler MD wrote extensively about them in “The Mind Beauty Connection.” That’s why yoga, meditation and other ways to relieve stress are an important part of holistic skin care. Not only do they protect skin from physiological damage, they also create states of mind that are in themselves beautiful, a form of “life-deep” beauty that is truly ageless.

Elle has summarized the beauty benefits of seven Mediterranean plants in an introductory article about essential oils and their application. The article covers the use of: rosemary (to stimulate hair growth), lavender (for stress relief), olive oil (to moisturize dry skin), orange oil (to stimulate collagen), Immortelle (for anti-aging), almond oil (to smooth the skin), and verbena (to lift the spirits). Read the full article: Everything You Need to Know About Essential Oils.

Disturbed by what she discovered about the chemicals commonly used in cosmetics, Irish Times Reporter Kelly O’Brien decided to replace her normal skincare products with organic ones. She had previously gone without hair shampoo for a year, a story that generated an enormous response from her readers.

In the first month of going all-organic with her skincare, she made three discoveries: spots she habitually developed and thought were due to stress completely disappeared, so she was reacting to something in her previous products; it was easy to replace all of the dedicated products she had been using with organic alternatives; and she discovered terrific Irish-made organic products to work with.

Read Kelly’s complete article and her product recommendations: Ditching the chemicals in cosmetics to be 100% organic fantastic.

Beauty hazards from Cosmopolitan: sleep deprivation (slows cell repair), smog (clogs pores and hosts free radicals), lack of cardio exercise (causes faster aging), alcohol (creates free radicals), over-work (causes stress hormones that damage collagen), not eating good oils (salmon, nuts – so good for us), and, our returning champion, sugar (makes the body too acidic for radiant health).

Cosmopolitan recommends going to bed before midnight, cleansing with a Clarisonic, making sure you exercise so you sweat for 14 minutes at a time, and generally living a sane lifestyle. Read the full article: 9 Beauty Fails That Mess With Your Skin.

When it comes to being beautiful, it used to imply that you were young. For the longest time, women’s beauty was tied to appearing youthful and excluded signs of a life well lived like wrinkles and gray hair.

Thankfully now the fashion industry is turning that notion on its head by showcasing beauty at different ages with models nearing 70 years old! This is a great statement to show that women off all ages are beautiful and valuable.

You are what you eat, so doesn’t it stand to be of equal logic that you are what you wear. Quite literally, your skin will transform and adapt to the type of make up you use, so why go the synthetic route?

In a way that mirrors the call for natural foods, natural beauty has been on the rise and is only gaining more demand as time goes one. If you are looking for a way to be exposed to more natural beauty, take a look at the article below!

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There are many ways you can treat your skin to make it healthy. This is a very important thing to do in the grand scheme of your beauty regimen. Think about it: how would you be able to look great with makeup if your skin is dry, sunburnt or irritated?

That makes about as much sense as painting over a cracked nail in hopes that the polish will fix the wound underneath.

Skincare is one of the most important parts of the beauty regimen and this is why it is imperative to treat your skin with the best products for your complexion.

If your skin doesn’t react well to traditional cleansers and toners, then maybe it’s time to try a new route to skin care. Balms have been used for centuries on women’s faces to restore moisture, encourage balance and help soothe breakouts.

Balms are also more likely to be organic, made of natural and fresh ingredients, and be gentle for your skin.

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While you may think that the answer is yes, you may end up being surprised. The world of anti-aging care has evolved in ways you may not have anticipated and the options are endless for how you can get your skin looking young and supple.

There are treatments involving lasers, radiofrequency, and microneedling technology that may work better for your skin than a facelift.

If you are looking for a way to reduce the signs of aging on your skin without getting a facelift, read this article today to learn about the myriad of options you face!

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