Over the years, I’ve learned to recognize and appreciate the various stages of my skin. From being a model in my twenties to becoming an esthetician and skincare business owner today, my skin journey is one I’d love to share with you.


As a model I was always in a panic of breaking out before a shoot or a show as I suffered from acne.

Dermatologists treated me with antibiotics and harsh soaps designed to get rid of the excess oils. Neither worked. I found that drying soaps and alcohol-based skincare actually stimulated oil production and irritated the blemishes.

Now I know that eating a diet rich in fruits and veggies works best to keep the digestive system and the skin clean.


At 40, I started getting fine lines under my eyes. I began using a proper moisturizer, every day, both morning and night. Through my training I learned that skin at every age needs an oil-based moisturizer, but maturing skin requires some extra loving care.

As mid-life hormonal changes kicked in, my skin became much drier, and I started moisturizing all over my body as well as my face. From 50 onwards it’s important to use a heavier coat, especially around the eyes, mouth and neck, and replenish by mid day in those areas when needed.


Now at 69, I need all the help I can get! It goes without saying that I look after my skin really well .

And I live well. I make it a priority to eat healthily, meditate and take daily walks in nature. I enjoy a small glass of wine with dinner.

Additionally, I also make sure to get a good nights rest. Sleep is so critical for our health and beauty , honestly nothing takes its place.

Overall, I’m happy to say I feel in good health and enthusiastic about life.


But, everyone’s skin is different. Your skin has its own needs.

Over my career in beauty and skin care, I’ve noticed that it’s women of Irish descent who have the driest skin, followed by Nordic women. If you have Mediterranean skin like mine, or black or Asian skin, you are probably blessed with more natural oils, and need less moisturizer in your youth.


Although generally skin gets drier with age, I have met people under 20 with very dry skin, who need frequent and intensive moisturization. And we might think of breakouts as a teenage phenomenon, but sensitive skin is surprisingly common at every age.

I’ve used all my experience of my own skin and other people’s to formulate our enriched anti-aging skincare so that it works beautifully for everyone.

I hope that regardless of where you are in life, you’re also feeling great in your skin!

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