Two of the most beautiful women I have ever met were Sophia Loren and Jihan Sadat, who was a dazzling First Lady of Egypt.

What makes these women so extraordinary was that their faces reveal their innermost being. Their souls shine through for all to see.

There are so many beautiful women – at first glance. Maybe they dress in couture, with finely applied cosmetics and beautifully styled hair.

But, unless a woman’s inner beauty is radiant as well, her physical beauty can be short lived.


A woman has to be open-hearted, vulnerable and approachable. As if to say, “here I am.” Too many women hide these treasures for fear of being hurt or being seen as weak. But the opposite is true!

It takes a confident, strong woman to embrace all that she is, and allow it to be seen. When such a woman walks in a room, she is noticed for her captivating beauty.


Recently, I have had the pleasure of meeting several Danish women who embodied this kind of beauty. These women embrace a natural beauty and style that is refreshingly alive.

One of the happiest treats of my Gaelle Organic journey has been the chance to get to know Lotte Barnholdt, our European partner. I think you can see from her photo that her glowing face tells us just who she is. Authentic and wonderful.

People keep telling me I have to watch Borgen, an engrossing Danish TV show about a woman’s rise to political power. Just looking at pictures of the lead actress, the lovely Sidse Knudsen, I realize I must. Just LOOK at that glowing skin, and how her face radiates who she is. Simply beautiful.

I’m wondering why these women from Denmark have this beautiful, rare and precious quality…


My sense is that Denmark is a place where everyone knows that women are at least as interesting as men. Where it’s cool for men to admire women for their natural beauty, their innate intelligence, and their vulnerability.

Perhaps there is something we can learn from the Danish? They certainly have caught my attention.

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