If your skin stings, burns, reddens, or feels tight, after using skin care products, then you’re probably quite well aware that you have sensitive skin.

But if your skin is prone to flareups, is lumpy or bumpy, and maybe still feels like ‘problem teenage skin’ – even though you’re 45 – then it may come as a surprise to realise that it could be your skin care products that are causing the problem.

I was so pleased recently to help one lovely lady called Jessica, who I could see straight away was using products too harsh for her delicate complexion. Later she emailed to say “I was so amazed to realize that my problem all along was just sensitive skin! It was lumpy at my temples and in front of my ears, and prone to breakouts, and it just hated foundation or anything like that.”

“It didn’t used to turn red or sting with skin care products or makeup, and it had always been a bit oily, so it never crossed my mind that I might need products for sensitive skin.”

“Switching to milder organic skincare products has been a total revelation. I laugh now to realise that I reached my forties before I really had a clue what my skin really needed.”

“And I’ve got to say that the Ultra Sensitive Crème feels so great on my skin that I look forward to it as a ridiculous treat every morning and evening. How delightful.”

So, if your skin is sensitive, you probably already know you need to avoid harsh chemicals, and even some naturally-derived ingredients such as drying alcohols. Strongly-perfumed products are worth avoiding too. Keep your skincare routine down to the basics, by using simple organic products. That’s what your skin needs.

Of all our luscious products, our Ultra Sensitive Crème Anti-aging Moisturizer is the one that people most often seem to experience as a kind of religious conversion! They’re so amazed by what it does for their skin. I just love being part of that.

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