Many of us know that we should be using a moisturizer, but we may not fully understand what the benefits are, or should be. The importance of moisturizer can not be over stated. Creams and oils provide vital support to our first line of defense from the elements. Additionally, we’ve included a list of seven things your moisturizer should be doing for you to encourage healthy, beautiful skin.

Reduce Appearance of Fine Lines

Your moisturizer should plump up your skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines. And it should not need to be supplemented with night creams and eye creams and BB balms. A perfectly formulated moisturizer will deliver everything that your skin cells need to retain moisture and reduce signs of aging.


A great moisturizer will rapidly reduce redness, irritations and breakouts. An important factor to check for that your moisturizer is alcohol free. Unfortunately at lot of organic skin care uses high levels of alcohol as a preservative, but for a lot of people this can be too harsh and drying.


A well formulated moisturizer will soften and smooth your skin texture. Optimal hydration and quality ingredients will encourage healthy skin cell turnover which results in a smooth, supple complexion.


A great cream will restore your luminosity, leaving your complexion lustrous and radiant. A simple rule of thumb to remember is that hydrated skin is healthy, glowing skin.


Your moisturizer should protect your skin from dryness and environmental stressors. When we provide the skin with proper nutrients, it’s barrier function is better able to handle changes in climate and external extremes.


Buying a self care product should be a soul-nourishing experience. It’s important to feel good about the industries we support with out dollar from source to sale. Click here to learn about our organic certification, and the high standards we value holding ourselves to.


And last but definitely not least, your moisturizer should FEEL fantastic. It should SMELL great. It should be doing WONDERFUL things for you and your skin. You and your moisturizer should feel caught up in a love affair . Nothing less is good enough for your skin.

With the right moisturizer, you will see all of these results right away, and your skin will become more and more beautiful the longer you use it.

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