It’s such a joy to hear from people who love our skin care once they try it!

This message from a lovely lady called Lauren was so wonderful that I asked her if I could share it…

“Hi Gaelle,

I hope you are happy and well. I just wanted to share how absolutely in love I am with your products . I started using them a few weeks ago (the soap, toner, and sensitive skin moisturizer) and I cannot say enough good things.

I look forward to cleansing my skin morning and night and putting on my cream.

I have struggled with acne since I was a teenager and have tried tons and tons of different products. I have finally found exactly what I need.

Since I started using your products, my skin has cleared up dramatically. Now, I feel comfortable and more confident going out without foundation. For once my skin is almost completely clear and only has acne scarring.

My skin looks so much more radiant and youthful and I actually feel healthy using your products. It is so important to me that the products I use on my skin are not harmful to my body.

Switching to your products has inspired me to make a lot of positive, mindful choices and changes to my health and wellness routine.

I just wanted to say THANK YOU. For listening to your heart and for the effort you put into making and sharing products that WORK, that feel RIGHT & GOOD , are carefully crafted and ethically produced, and have major healing properties.

With love and gratitude,

Lauren S”

Thank YOU Lauren. It is such a pleasure to receive your warm feedback.

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