Beauty is a multifaceted thing. Who you are lights you up, from the inside. And cultivating healthy, radiant skin helps your beauty shine through.

A lovely lady I met the other day said ‘Yes, yes yes. I love your blog. I want to read everything you’ve ever said. But first I want a shortcut! I want the lowdown! I want to know how to make my skin totally gorgeous right now!’

So here it is, the lowdown.


Soap Supérieure Moisturizing Cleanser, to leave your skin soft and moist. This is our soft and gentle cleanser with botanical oils and white clay, and like all of our products it’s certified organic, to look after your skin as naturally as possible. Or, if your skin is sensitive, savor the delicious scent of our  Soap Supérieure Rose Geranium.


Next use our Toner Supérieure Pore Refiner to minimize your pores, re-establish your skin’s pH balance, and neutralize any excess secretions, for skin inclined to breakouts. It’s gently astringent, and like all of our range, free from harsh alcohols that could dry out your skin.

Now we reach the core.


Crème Supérieure Anti-Aging Moisturizer was our first product, our first joyous inspiration on this journey of sharing great natural skin care with you. It feels wonderful on your skin, and helps you look wonderful. Jojoba, pomegranate, apricot kernel oil, and rosemary leaf extract are just a few of the intensely nutritive ingredients that help soften and smooth your skin, reduce fine lines, and restore your luminosity.

If your skin is sensitive, then our Ultra Sensitive Crème will be the right one for you. A magical mix of ingredients including edelweiss, colostrum and evening primrose oil will nurture and protect your delicate complexion. Of all of our products, I can’t tell you how often people rave to me about the transformation they experienced when they started using this.


Two or three times a week, use Exfoliant Supérieure Refining Treatment to remove dead skin cells and deeply cleanse the pores.. Gorgeous gray Breton salt and mineral-rich pink salt from Bolivia harmonize with nourishing natural oils and extracts, to restore your natural radiance. You’ll see the difference immediately.


If your skin needs to be brightened, after toning, use  Serum Supérieure Bio-Active Complex. Your face will love soaking up this luxurious treat. Let it dry on your skin and then moisturize.

And with your face so well looked after, the rest of your body will be delighted to enjoy our Body Crème Supérieure Moisturizing Treatment . It’s packed with emollient treasures, from pomegranates to aloe vera.

And there you go.

That’s the simple routine, using only the best ingredients, in the perfect formulations, that can make your skin sing and glow. Just as it should. And you can start today…

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