Are you feeling confused about what your skin really needs? Which products, in which order, at which times? Whether you need a night cream and an under-eye cream and a BB cream, which one goes on first, and what special techniques you need for applying it all?

You’re definitely not alone. Here’s a typical plea from an internet discussion: “I have gone round in circles trying to find a steady skin routine that suits me but … nothing seems to really ‘click’ for me and my skin remains blotchy, sensitive and rough.”

This totally fits with my experience early in life as a model, where my mind was bombarded with information and complexity, and my skin was bombarded with an awful lot of different products. Now I owe such a tremendous debt to Aida Grey, a glowing beacon of beauty wisdom, for everything I started to learn about simple and effective beauty, in my years working at her wonderful salon in Beverly Hills.

Here’s the lowdown: less is more. Using a plethora of different creams and potions and lotions and balms, in fiddly and time consuming routines, just creates distracting complexities. What your skin needs is actually a few really simple, really high quality products, morning and evening.

First, cleanse your face and neck with a soft natural cleanser, which leaves your skin moist. Enjoy washing away the cares of the day, or the sleepiness of the nighttime.

Then, if your skin is prone to enlarged pores or breakouts, use a gently astringent, alcohol-free toner, to lightly pull your skin together and neutralise any excess secretions.

If desired, gently apply a rich and potent serum to lighten your complexion, fade dark spots, and protect from the signs of premature aging. Pause for a few moments while your face soaks up this luxurious treat.

Finally, nourish your skin with an intensively nutritive moisturizer, to hydrate, smooth, and bring a lustrous glow to your skin. Relish the gorgeous sensations from your face, your neck, your décolletage, and your hands.

Alongside this daily facial routine, look after your body with some top quality body lotion, and exfoliate your face and neck after cleansing up to twice a week, and that’s it, you’re done! A simple routine that you and your skin will both love.

My heart rends a little bit when I read pleas like the one above, but it so totally sings when someone tries our products, and reports back on how transformed their skin feels, and what a thrill they’re finding their new beauty routine.

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