I’m all about putting great skincare first, rather than trying to rectify things with makeup.

Don’t get me wrong, makeup can be a lot of fun – to help your eyes and lips pop, to look snazzy for a party, or to enjoy experimenting with novel looks.


  1. Ultimately, in the real world, outside of the glossy magazines and Photoshop, makeup looks like … makeup.
  2. Foundation is aging. So many women I see add years to their appearance with foundation.
  3. If your skin is sensitive, it can be really hard to find facial makeup that doesn’t irritate it or cause breakouts. Before you know it, you’re using even more makeup to cover those problems.
  4. If you want to brighten up your skin, or lighten up dark spots, a great quality serum is the way to fix that, rather than trying to cover it up.
  5. So often you hear men say that they don’t like makeup. On the other hand, I’m not sure they’re always that good at spotting some mascara or a flattering color of sheer lipstick. I can’t remember hearing a man say, “ I love your makeup!” I have heard “I love your beautiful skin!”
  6. In Chinese Medicine they talk about the the root and the branches. If you don’t fix the root, no amount of work in the branches will resolve issues. Beautiful skin comes from good diet and lifestyle, supported by fine organic products – and it shows through!
  7. Putting on makeup every day can become a real bore, whereas the smell and feel of organic skin care products, feels like a treat, rather than a daily chore – not to mention seeing the results.
  8. Great skin looks great even when you get out of bed. You don’t need to wait to show the world your radiant face.
  9. Looking after your face, and looking after the rest of you, is all about you. It’s the least you deserve. It’s the way for the beauty of who you are to just simply shine through and say, “here I am!”

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