We are often asked if toners are really necessary, especially as we say that beautiful skin is simple and does not need many products. Here’s the thing – the trick is to use just a few high-quality products – but ones that do multiple jobs in the best way, and that can be used safely, day-in and day-out.

Facial toners are a case in point. Good facial toners deliver a multitude of benefits. They are the perfect complement to any skincare regimen, but since they are used every day, it is important to use one that is free of harsh chemicals.

These are the benefits you can expect from a good facial toner. They apply to all skin types, but the benefits are amplified where large pores and recurrent breakouts are involved.

  1. A smoother, more flawless look

Most toners contain astringents, which are chemical compounds that cause skin to contract and tighten. When skin tightens, the pores shrink; large pores are minimized, giving a smoother, more flawless look to the skin. We use witch hazel in Toner Superiéure for its strong astringent effect and its anti-aging and cleansing benefits, and rose water for its aromatic, calming properties, and milder astringency.

Some astringents contain alcohol, which is drying and irritates the skin. Repeated use of drying chemicals on oily skin can actually result in even greater output of oil, leaving you worse off than when you started. And if you have dry skin, alcohol is not a good option at all. So it is better to use alcohol-free toners.”  Our Guide to Best Toner Ingredients


  1. A clearer complexion with fewer breakouts

Smaller pores don’t just look better. They also provide less room for oil, makeup and microbes to lodge. Combined with the deep cleansing and antiseptic properties of many toners, this can result in skin that better resists breakouts, giving a clearer complexion, with fewer flare-ups.

  1. Restored pH protection

Skin should be slightly acidic, providing an ‘acid mantle’ that is its first line of defense against invading microbes. However, cleansers tend to be highly alkaline. When cleansers wash off the oils we produce naturally, they can compromise the acid mantle, leaving skin more vulnerable to infections. A pH-balanced toner will restore the skin’s pH so its natural defenses are not reduced, resulting in fewer flare-ups.

  1. Anti-aging benefits

Facial toners are ideal vehicles for botanical ingredients that are rich in antioxidants. They can protect skin from the appearance of premature aging due to sun damage and other environmental challenges.

    5. Calming

The best toners draw upon time-tested herbal wisdom to include botanical hydrosols that calm and comfort troubled skin, such as rose, cucumber and calendula extracts. Rose water is especially effective in calming reddened skin and clearing the complexion of impurities.

  1. Refreshing

Heavenly scents, such as floral waters like elderflower and rose water, combined with the invigorating feel of astringent hydrosols, can make facial toning something to look forward to every day.

To recap, a good facial toner will

  • Tighten pores
  • Create the proper pH balance
  • Help keep the elements at bay
  • Discourage bacterial and fungal infections
  • Reduce breakouts
  • Give skin a more flawless look

That is why a facial toner is an ideal part of the “beautiful skin is simple” daily regimen that we recommend for all skin types.

How to Use a Facial Toner

Use your facial toner every morning after cleansing, and again in the evening. It takes a few seconds to dab on. Then let it dry on its own, without toweling off. Your skin will feel instantly refreshed, soothed, and smoothed. You can increase the pore-minimizing effect by keeping your toner in the refrigerator.

There is often a light tingling for a few minutes after using a toner; it is normal, but any longer than that, or if the tingling is strong, then the toner is not right for your skin.  In the vast majority of cases, hydrosol toners deliver marvelous benefits, and very quickly.

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