It’s a good time to talk about alcohol. Take a look at almost any skincare product and you’ll notice various forms of alcohol in the ingredients. It’s often included to preserve shelf life, fight breakouts or give products a lighter feel. And although alcohol in skincare can have its benefits, it often causes more harm than good.

Alcohol in Skincare

So you may be asking yourself, why is it so prevalent in skincare? The unfortunate truth is that it is one of the only effective preservatives allowed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s organic standard. And to successfully preserve a product with alcohol, there often needs to be 14% of it present by volume. Now, there are some processed alcohols that are benign, but to be considered ‘organic,’ alcohol is usually grain alcohol derived from organic farming. This is a form of alcohol you do not want to be putting on your skin. It can be drying, cause excess oiliness and reduce the skin’s ability to fight free radicals.

That’s why we decided to have Gaelle Organic’s products be certified by Ecocert, Europe’s leading organic certifier. Ecocert’s organic cosmetics standard supports the formulation and manufacture of organic skincare without the use of alcohol. By opting out of alcohol in skincare, our products retain their bio-dynamic potency, and we avoid its harmful drying effects.

Alcohol-free Organic

Leaving out the alcohol makes room for more of the good stuff so you can have better results with less. Every product is formulated with intention and is proven effective through third party testing. It’s the perfect blend of respect for the Earth and scientific innovation. Through using sustainably-sourced ingredients scientifically-proven to benefit the skin, alcohol-free organic skincare is  key to achieving a healthy, glowing complexion.

Is Alcohol Good for Anything?

We’ve covered the trouble with alcohol in skincare, but a recent study has found that moderate alcohol consumption can actually have its benefits. The British Medical Journal tracked over 9,000 people aged 35-55 over a 23-year period and found that those who consumed alcohol semi-regularly had a decreased risk of developing dementia. The findings showed that middle-aged adults who abstained from drinking alcohol were actually 45% more likely to develop the disease. That said, there was also evidence of higher odds for dementia with excessive drinking. Essentially, the study found that 1-7 drinks per week is the healthiest way to consume alcohol.

So on that note, we invite you to join us in (responsibly) celebrating beauty inside and out this holiday season. Let’s pop the champagne and give a toast to the years of health and beautiful skin ahead.

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