I see women of all ages everyday who misuse makeup by trying to mimic movie stars and models when in fact they themselves are more beautiful.

You cannot copy the makeup of other people and expect it to look good on you. The shape of your features will change the highlights and shadows and give a different look to a design that you copy. It’s much better to go with your own approach, following these simple tips.


Makeup is best when the brushstrokes are not seen and the colors blend in with your face.


When using eyeliner, use a color that emphasizes and enhances the color of your eyes. The liner should be barely noticeable. It’s your eyes that should stand out, not your eyeliner. Eyebrow pencil or powder, when needed, should be applied lightly to follow your natural eyebrow. I use a pencil then brush over it to soften the brow so that it appears natural.


A dab of blush is all you need on your cheeks. To get the outline of your cheek bone, suck in your mouth. Just a dab underneath the cheek bone is all you need. You can also put a dab on your lids. It will soften your eyes and give you a romantic look.


Lipstick should never look heavy or be the dominant color on your face. Lips are sexy and are to be kissed. You can outline your lips with a natural color for definition, then add lip gloss before using a lipstick color. This will give your lips a fuller, translucent look that will be more appealing. If you use a translucent lipstick, you can skip the gloss. I use gloss first whenever I want to use a lipstick with a deeper color. That way, you notice my lips, not the color.


I’m not a big fan of foundation for daily use. It makes most women look older and pasty. Actors and models need it to go before the camera. And, of course, they get lighted properly and retouched. A hint of lavender-colored translucent powder is lovely for an evening glow.

That’s all you need. I’m delighted to see the no-makeup look become fashionable. It is so much more attractive – and so easy!

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