It’s easy to care for puffy eyes. Just make a cup of green tea with two tea bags, then refrigerate the bags. Once they have gotten cold, lay down and use them as compresses on your eyes.

Green tea is packed with antioxidants that are twenty times stronger than Vitamin C and contains anti-inflammatories that can help with swelling. It is an elixir for the body and does wonders for the skin, either as a drink or applied topically, but, if you are using it on puffy eyes, make sure it is cold, as the heat from warm tea may increase the puffiness.

If your eyes keep getting puffy, you might take this as a sign your body wants a little more tender loving care. A peaceful eight hours of sleep is often remedy enough for puffy eyes and dark circles. So is good hydration. And bear in mind that sugar creates inflammation in the body that can show up around the eyes. The thin skin there is more prone to swelling.

Persistently puffy eyes can also be caused by the tiny particles from hairspray and other aerosols getting onto the eyelids – something to be careful about when using them.

You can read more about the extraordinary beauty benefits of green tea, either as a drink or applied topically, here:

Here’s to your sparkly clear eyes!

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