It’s very tricky when people ask you how old you think they are. I learned the hard way.


A few years ago, after a speaking engagement, a lovely woman came up to me, and asked that loaded question, “How old do you think I am?” I told her I don’t like to guess people’s ages, but she insisted upon an answer.

“I would say you’re in your early forties,” I offered.

She looked stricken. “I’m twenty-seven.”

I wanted to backtrack, but there was nowhere to go. Fortunately, I was able to give her some good news. I told her the premature aging of her skin was totally reversible.

“You’re using the wrong products on your dry skin. They are causing your skin to age prematurely.”

She told me about the skincare brand she was using. “It smells and feels so good. A friend uses it, she told me how great it is.”

I asked if she had ever read their ingredients and if she knew what their effects were on the skin, starting with  alcohol and perfume

This lady was of Irish descent, and people with that heritage often have some of the very driest complexions. Her skin needed a natural, deeply nourishing moisturizer, and plenty of it.

These days, I avoid guessing anyone’s age, knowing that even some young people sadly have dry, prematurely lined skin.


My mission is to let you know that beautiful skin is possible for every single one of us. I want to broadcast as widely as possible the good news that natural and richly supportive skincare is what promotes long-term radiant and beautiful skin.

That’s why I started my own organic skincare line, using the finest ingredients that work to create beautiful skin.


Good skincare will restore the beauty and lustre to your complexion in days, not weeks. If that is not happening with the products you are using, the problem is the products, not you!

The main thing in choosing products is to make sure to read the list of ingredients. And research anything you don’t recognize. After that, you can judge by the results. If you are seeing the improvements you want, all is well.

Here’s to growing more beautiful with time and entering into the realm of timeless beauty.

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