It surprises me when people find it amazing that I look great in my sixties. Why shouldn’t we look great at any age?

Here’s the real “anti-aging” scoop. I’m so happy to tell you it doesn’t just come in a jar. It is the sum of everything that affects your health in mind, body and spirit.

Mindful Movement

A daily meditation practice that suits you will relieve stress and help shed light on any challenging situation you might find yourself in. You’ll be surprised what a few minutes of gentle breathing and quietly emptying the mind can do.

If you feel tired, take a nap. That’s such a beauty booster as well. And are you getting eight hours of peaceful sleep each night? Herb teas before you go to bed can help promote a blissful night.  Golden milk, too.

Doing exercise that you love will love you in return.

Every day that I can, I practice yoga for about twenty minutes and go on a beautiful one hour walk in nature.

Treat Yourself (Well)

Food quality really matters. Putting great things into your mouth matters just as much as putting great things onto your skin. When traveling, it can be difficult to find organic food, but at home it’s all my family and I eat.

And indulgences, in moderation, are a vital part of nourishing your soul as well as your body. A daily small piece of chocolate with tea is a joy that I wouldn’t think of going without. At dinner a small glass of a fine wine or sake is lovely for unwinding.

Simple Touches

As a former model and makeup artist, I know that less is more, especially as we grow older. Foundation, harsh eye-shadow colors, and too much blush will make you appear older, not younger.

I do love red lipstick, and when used properly, it can be worn day or night without looking made up. I use eyebrow pencil to define my brows, mascara, a discreet eyeliner or a hint of a subtle eye shadow. Gently emphasize your assets. And of course it never hurts to cultivate great skin.

Dress in what makes you feel comfortable and beautiful. I like to dress in clothes that make me feel both feminine and at ease.

At this point and time in my life I try to do what makes me happy. Life is about choices. You can choose to be healthy and radiant at every age.


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