Here is an inspiring account of a woman who learned to set aside stories about her body that she had told herself since childhood. Her upbringing had left her with shame, reinforced every time she looked in the mirror. She realized she was looking at everyone else through the same distorted lens.

I loved and valued the people who had what I wanted. And I judged those who had qualities of mine that I didn’t like in myself.

Her life was totally conditioned by her hatred of what she did not like about her body. And yet she broke free. She learned to accept herself and was able to enter a world of love, able at last to enjoy authentic friendships – first and foremost with herself!

“When we change the stories we tell ourselves about our bodies, everything changes!”

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  1. Accepting oneself is the key to genuine happiness. Once you learn to accept yourself and your flaws, you begin to see life in a different yet better perspective.

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      Thank you for the lovely feedback! We’re glad you resonated with the message of this article. Feel free to share! -GO

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