Some people do not believe in the use of oils for their skin care. However, studies are showing that they really should. Particular oils can be good for your skin in more ways than one. They can prevent wrinkles from forming, plump up fine lines to make them disappear from sight, and ensure that your complexion has a healthy glow. Oils can also be used for deep pore cleansing, avoiding the dryness that often accompanies conventional cleansers.

Key Takeaways:

  • Our body’s cells are comprised of fat, or lipids, about 50% worth, which means that they require more lipids to replenish themselves.
  • Our living bodies require living oils from nature, not synthetics, like petroleum jelly.
  • Healthy living oils come from trees, grasses, shrubs and annual and perennial plants.

“The importance of nourishing from the inside with living oils is matched by the benefits of massaging high-quality oils into our skin.”

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