Many of us have a daily ritual that we use for our beauty whether we know it or not. Many of us have a seasoned routine for makeup application where we can whisk through palettes, brushes, and mascara with ease and efficiency. For others, we use the few minutes we have in the shower to just brush back our hair, fill in our eye brows and add some sheen to our cheeks and gloss to our lips and call it a day. Regardless of how intricate your beauty rituals are, you have to admit that it is impossible to feel beautiful if you are not in love with yourself. If you haven’t found ways to practice love and self-acceptance, your make up ritual may be more of an elaborate way for you to mask insecurities. This is why it is important to learn the best ways to meditate and practice self-love so you are aware of how naturally gorgeous you are on both the inside and out. If you are looking for a great beauty ritual that includes appreciating yourself and your natural beauty, read this article today!


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