Our 30-second treatment with natural salts folded into rich emollients can leave your face glowing and radiant as if you’d just had a 1-hour facial.

You will see polished skin, radiant with health!

  • Dead cells are removed
  • Skin is smoothed
  • Pores are cleansed and disinfected
  • Circulation is stimulated
  • Breakouts are reduced

French spas have used sea salt as a natural exfoliator for centuries. They mill the coarse grains into a fine, mineral-rich powder, creating an exfoliator that is ideal for all skin types. The salts are used as a gentle face scrub to loosen dead cells that otherwise cause skin to look tired and dull. They deeply cleanse the pores, purifying and disinfecting them, while their gentle abrading action stimulates the skin’s surface circulation.

“The French use the heat of the summer sun to dry sea water, in timeless clay-lined pools, before they stone-grind the evaporated salt into a fine powder. They have known of its beauty benefits for generations, and French spas are renowned for their therapeutic use of these fine, natural salts.” How I Found The Best Exfoliant Ever

Exfoliant Superieure | Organic Face Scrub | All Natural Exfoliator | 30 Second Facial | Gaelle Organic

Exfoliant Supérieure combines French and Himalayan sea salts with organic emollients to moisturize while it exfoliates, leaving the face looking bright and feeling supple – as if you’ve just had a facial.

Routine exfoliation with a facial scrub like Exfoliant Supérieure is one of the best things you can do for your complexion. It is so easy to make it a habit. You will love the results.

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