Facial yoga is an approach to anti-aging that costs nothing and can be done in your own time at home. At it’s best, it as an alternative to botox and face-lifts, especially if you start early on.

It works the deeper layers of the skin to increase circulation and bring more blood flow. That means more oxygen and nutrients coming into the skin, and more toxins going out of it. And just like the large yoga stretches we are familiar with, facial yoga tunes the body’s energy and healing potential, creating healthier skin. It can enhance collagen and elastin production, delaying and reducing the appearance of aging.

It takes in the region of 20 minutes to do the set of exercises recommended by Danielle Collins, an expert in facial yoga, and you need to do them pretty much every day. But the good news is, she says, you see results quickly (within a couple of weeks) and the results keep on coming, so that after 6 or 9 months, people often report looking years younger.

Danielle has a book and videos at https://faceyogaexpert.com/ and shares a set of 5 anti-ageing facial yoga exercises you can do at home.

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