Creme SuperieureThe neck and decolleté are often first to show signs of aging. It is because they have thinner skin and lack oil glands. That’s why it’s always best to include your neck and decolleté in your anti-aging care.

Think of your face moisturizer as your face, neck and decolleté cream. Moisturizing will help prevent all these areas from showing signs of aging.

The skin under the eyes and around the mouth needs special attention, too. It is thinner skin that dries quicker and is more prone to develop fine lines. Apply extra moisturizer to these areas by going over them a second time, after the first layer has been absorbed. This will give protection for the delicate, thinner areas of skin, and will plump up fine lines so they disappear. Used like this, a good moisturizer will work well on all areas of the face.

The thinner skin on the neck and chest needs every bit as much care as the face. You can use the same cream as on your face. It will work just as well.

Your neck and chest will benefit enormously from exfoliating. Go gently, just as you would on any thinner, more delicate skin, but include exfoliating in your anti-aging care so your neck and chest stay as beautiful as your face.

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Stretching can tighten and firm the neck. Lean your head back and bring your bottom lip over your top one. Feel the stretch. Hold it for ten seconds, then relax, and repeat ten times. This two minute exercise was reported by the Huffington Post in an article about anti-aging steps they recommend. According to the New York dermatologist they interviewed, results become visible after about six weeks. Read the full article: 5 Anti-Aging Steps To Take In Middle Age.

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