Inflammation can be significantly reduced by eating specific (and delicious) foods. It’s not just a matter of reducing breakouts. Inflammation causes many ills that can be a major burden on our bodies and minds – and anything that pulls on our vitality shows in our skin and our appearance.

These foods will reduce inflammation without causing the side effects that come with medication. In fact, their side effects are greater vitality and better health.

WALNUTS and WILD-CAUGHT SALMON have high concentrations of fatty acids that are known to reduce inflammation. Vegetables can also be highly effective. In one study, BROCCOLI cut inflammation levels in half. ONIONS, GARLIC and TURMERIC have all been shown to reduce inflammation. So do the probiotics in YOGHURT, KEFIR and SAUERKRAUT.

It is easy to include more of these foods into our diet and for them to become part of our health and beauty program. Seemingly small changes can make a big difference over time.

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