As well as the famed luxury of bathing in milk, Cleopatra was wise to the ‘Plant of Immortality,’ the ‘Wand of Heaven’: aloe vera.

Part of the beauty routine of the ancient Egyptians, Native Americans and us modern women, Alexander the Great is said to have even conquered a whole island to gain access to this glorious balm.

It’s good for all skin types, and it is particularly beneficial for mature dryness, as it encourages the skin to retain moisture. Meanwhile its enzymes promote regeneration and firm up facial tissues. It’s packed with amino acids and other nutrients, and, for good measure, it has anti-inflammatory benefits and may even stimulate the immune system.

We use this wonderful botanical in nearly everything we make. Gorgeous. And just one of the reasons why our products feel so good on the skin.

Learn more about the beauty benefits of aloe vera.

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