You don’t have to go overboard with juice fasting to detoxify your body. Simple changes to your diet can deliver powerful results, once they become part of your routine. The key is to make changes that become your new normal. That’s the best way to create optimal health.

Juicing is up there with exercise as a promoter of health and beauty. Fresh juice brims with antioxidants. There is no better way to absorb them. As you nurture yourself with fresh juice, your skin will glow with aliveness.

It is so easy to do. I use a Champion Juicer that I’ve had for years. It does not do as well with leafy vegetables as with crisper ones like celery and carrots, and sometimes a little pulp gets through, but I think this is pretty much par for the course, whatever juicer you use. I find it works best if I run the leafy vegetables through first.

I like to change the combination of fruit and vegetables depending on the season, what’s at the farmer’s market, and how I’m feeling. My staples are carrots, celery and apples; kale and beets, too. I add ginger, cilantro and parsley to spice it up. I use only organic produce, and work in things I would not normally cook with – daikon radish comes to mind. There plenty of exotic options. Dandelion greens have quite a following, though they can be a little bitter.

On really hot days, a blend of juiced watermelon and oranges is amazing.

You can really get into juicing. Once you start, it feels like drinking pure life force!

You can learn more about this approach to detoxing in this article:

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