Detoxing brings aliveness and illumination! Fortunately, there are simple ways you can detoxify as part of your normal daily life.

Sweating is good, especially in a sauna, and alternating heat from the sauna with a cold shower works wonders. If you don’t go to a health club with a sauna, you could think about buying a portable infrared sauna for use at home. I had one for years.

Herbs can help a lot. Dr. Schulze is the best source of detoxifying herbs and tinctures I have come across. If you get more ambitious, he has a 5-Day Detox Program on his website. I’ve done it and the herbs seem to make the cleanse easier to go through. You can check out his approach and buy cleansing teas and herbs here:

Worry and stress are toxic. They create chemicals that break down collagen. I find a walk in nature clears my mind like nothing else. Anything that brings serenity to your mind will detoxify it. Meditation, music, whatever you pay attention to that shifts your mind into a relaxed state – that’s the royal road to anti-aging.

You can read more simple ways to detox in this article from Organic Spa Magazine: 7 Simple Ways to Detox

Here’s to a lifetime of health and beauty!

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