Skin should have a slightly acidic balance, known as its acid mantle, that protects against infections, reduces breakouts and delays the formation of lines and other signs of aging.

Anything you put onto your skin that is more alkaline than the acid mantle, even water, can disrupt its pH balance and leave skin vulnerable, resulting in redness, agitation and premature aging.

These problems are compounded when the skin tends towards dryness. Fortunately, the  acid mantle can be easily maintained with three simple steps:

  1. do not over-cleanse: a morning and evening rinse in warm water with a moisturizing cleanser like Soap Supérieure is all that is needed
  2. avoid highly alkaline cleansers: pH of soaps and cleansers varies widely; if your skin is acting up, changing your cleanser can make all the difference
  3. after cleansing, use a pH-balanced toner such as Toner Supérieure to restore the healthy pH of your skin; you can read more about the benefits of facial toners by clicking here

These daily routines, along with exfoliating and moisturizing, are basic to  cultivating beautiful skin. It’s easy when you know how!

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