One adult-acne sufferer found that her condition forced her to reassess her preconceived ideas about acne and facial beauty. The oft-heard reminder to not pick, or touch the face, when the face in question is showing eruptions was one taboo the sufferer learned was not necessarily good advice. Aryuvedic massage actually encourages those with skin outbreaks to not only touch the areas of concern, but also to massage them with therapeutic ingredients. The female sufferer in this instance also realized that another oft-used admonishment to keep away from using oils on the face was also not necessarily the best advice. Aryuvedic treatment advises the use of various oils, like almond oil and tea tree oil, both to calm agitated skin and to boost the skin’s immunity, so that it can fight off pathogens. Aryuvedic treatment also encourages sufferers to press the Marma points on the skin’s surface, which function the same way as acupuncture points do, that is they address highly specific points of the body and help both the body and mind to cope with various conditions. Besides the physical treatment of the condition, alternative and holistic treatments, like Aryuvedic treatments, can make sufferers aware that diet and emotion can also affect the skin. It’s important to develop compassion for the so-called blemishes one sees in one’s face and others, as they may be the skin’s way of showing inner agitation and turmoil.

Key Takeaways:

  • Oils get a bad rap in the beauty biz, as many oils are actually good for a healthy complexion.
  • For example, coconut oil and almond oil are good for calming agitated skin.
  • Oils like neem oil and tea tree oil support the immune function of the dermal layer, thereby guarding against unwanted pathogens.

“A facial abhyanga, or facial massage, is an easy way to give ourselves some love!”

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