There are many phases of beauty that a woman goes through in her life. When you were a younger girl, your beauty was in how your parents dressed you, the innocence in your eyes and smiles and the art you created with your hands and doll. As you grew into a teenager and young adult, you noticed that a lot of your beauty started being recognized in your face and body, and you start working to highlight the aspects of yourself that made you feel strong and powerful! As a woman that is getting older, the path to beauty for you incorporates all of the previous phases, but is augmented by a wisdom that is only acquired through age and experience. Many women are taught in our culture that we have a season of beauty and importance that only wanes as we get older, but the truth behind our beauty is that it grows stronger with each year. If you are looking for a way to mindfully embrace the way your body ages read this article to learn why your beauty only gets better with time!


Read the full article here: How to Embrace Menopause Mindfully


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