We use all kinds of fabulous organic ingredients, but you only need to hear the words ‘rose water’ to know that you’re going to be putting something divine on your skin!

On a practical level, it is a mild astringent, lightly drawing the skin together, minimizing pores, and neutralizing any excess secretions. It does this gently, without needing the harsh alcohol that is common even in natural or organic skin care products.

It soothes the skin, and softly calms reddened skin. It helps keep the complexion clear by maintaining the skin’s pH balance.

It goes without saying that the smell is just to die for. Heavily perfumed products are generally not what your skin needs, but a little subtle fragrance from this queen of flowers is just as heavenly for your spirit as it is for your complexion.

Using this luscious botanical, you will be in the timeless company of the ancients in China, India, Persia, Egypt and Rome. They used it both inside and out, for beauty and for health. The warrior aristocrats of Mycenaean Greece traded it as a treasured commodity. Legend tells of the discovery of the essential oil of rose after a Mughal Emperor filled all of the fountains and canals of his palace with rosewater to welcome his new princess bride.

Any why would he do that? Because roses speak eternally of love, they speak forever of romance. For aromatherapists, roses promote warm self love and self-esteem, as well as hope, and the capacity for deeper relationships. In the yogic tradition they resonate with the Heart Chakra, the bodily home of love and kindness, of giving and receiving, and of romantic relationships.

Truly a skin care ingredient to fall in love with.

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