I modeled for an airline in the 70s. For a while, I flew all over the world with them.

The way airports and planes are today, doesn’t that sound awful? But actually it was completely wonderful. I was blessed with unlimited tickets, and I saw so many beautiful places.

And I know that if you’re under 50, it may be hard to imagine, but air travel was so glamorous in my youth…


Back in the day, everyone dressed nicely to fly. Not like going to the opera, but still, like we were all on display in a place where appearance mattered.

La bella figura , as the Italians would say. Looking elegant. Being seen looking well put together.

And still in France today, French women always look like they’ve just stepped out of a salon, in an outfit that reliably has a certain je ne sais quoi. ‘Chic’ is a French word, after all…

So at 18, on my first trip across the Atlantic, I wore this beautiful, pale orange silk suit with high heels, which I sat and slept in for 12 hours!


In the airport and on the plane, the atmosphere was friendly and courteous.

Airline staff were always around to assist you with your needs, and to make you feel special and welcomed.


The in flight meals were actually good, with each foreign airline taking pride in the food of their country.

I adored flying Air France because they always served a fine French wine along with a gourmet dish.


Doesn’t it all just sound like a different world?

But in other ways of course we have a lot to be thankful for these days.

Air travel was so expensive back then that it was a real privilege to be able to fly. Nowadays, it’s become routine. Don’t forget to  look after yourself on your way!

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