From time to time, someone tells me they’re not sure if they want to try our products because they’ve tried organic skincare before and not had a great experience with it. Or, they’re not so keen to let go of magical ingredient X or Y in the chemical-based regime they are using at the moment.

And I understand where they are coming from. The bottom line for your skincare has got to be that it really works.


One problem can be alcohol, which is harsh and overly drying for a lot of people’s skin.

Organic skincare brands often rely on high levels of alcohol in their products as a preservative. This is good news for product safety, but not always so great for your skin.

The good news is that our organic skincare is alcohol free – with the exception of a trace level of alcohol in one of the ingredients of our Serum Supérieure Bio-Active Complex . Instead we use a food-grade preservative, in tiny quantities, in line with Ecocert’s stringent organic cosmetic standard .


Some brands seem to use bio-active botanicals quite sparingly, with a relatively high proportion of cheaper ingredients.

We are all about the quality of the products we bring to you. When an ingredient does good things for your skin, we source it from the best suppliers, and use it generously. We want your skin to truly feel the benefit.


I sigh a little when I read descriptions of the latest miracle chemical for your skin.

We are just beginning to understand the complex chemistry of plants, and quite often the bit that gets isolated in a lab as a cost-effective “active” ingredient, and then synthesized into a product, is a pale imitation of the real thing.

Each natural plant ingredient is a rich little universe, containing an interactive plethora of beneficial substances. Products derived from natural, whole plant material, give your skin ALL of that benefit.

Nature provides nourishment for our skin so abundantly, that artifice is rarely an improvement.


It’s worth mentioning too that some chemical ingredients are ultimately irritating to your skin.

If your skin is not doing well, there is a chance that it is the products you are using that are not helping.


It’s no surprise to me at all that once people try our  super-effective organic skincare, and see the results for themselves, they often just don’t look back!

If you haven’t already, I hope you’ll join them in falling in love with our products, because of the results they give for your skin.

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