One of the most remarkable inventions of the modern era, the airplane has blessed us with the ability to travel the globe in mere hours. The experiences we collect along the way nourish the garden of our soul – but can be all too often at the expense of our skin. Cramped in the cabin, our skin is ravaged by the low humidity and artificial air pressure. Exposure to these elements for hours on end can dry out our skin and leave us feeling less than fabulous. If you’re interested in some quick and easy skin care tips for flying in style, check out the list below!

Before embarking to the airport, take a luxurious shower for an extra clean feel. Exfoliate, shave, and use Soap Supérieure + Body Crème Supérieure for deep, lasting hydration. Follow up with our soothing Masque Supérieure to prep your skin for the hours of Netflix, sleeping and reading that await.

If you’re not in the mood to style your hair with heat, use a few drops of our Balm Supérieure at the ends of your strands to lock in moisture and style your hair in braids or a low bun. Once you let them out, you’ll have smooth, glossy waves that look effortlessly chic.

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