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Exfoliating is such an important part of any skincare routine, no matter ones skin type. Be careful when choosing a product though, because some are much more abrasive than they need to be.
Our Exfoliant Supérieure is formulated with Breton Sea Salt and Willowbark extract to provide a thorough yet gentle exfoliation while also delivering critical moisture and nutrients to the skin.
Exfoliate once to twice a week and be sure to follow with a quality moisturizer for the face and body to enjoy silky smooth skin!

Skin lacking luster, firmness or moisture? ?Our signature treatment restores dry, dull skin in just two easy steps.
Simply apply the Exfoliant Supérieure in gentle circular motions and leave on for 10-20 minutes, then follow with Masque Supérieure for 20-30 minutes to achieve a plump, silky smooth complexion.
With hydrating emollients, rejuvenating sea minerals and soothing botanical extracts, it’s one of the easiest routines for healthy, glowing skin. 

This life requires us to overcome obstacles, adapt to new circumstances and face our biggest fears. Through every challenge, we uncover facets of our being that allow us to live with more authenticity and resilience. As we persevere, we must acknowledge our need to retreat and reflect so as to maintain the progress we’ve made.

In harmony with this inner process, our skin serves as a mirror for this cyclical dance of work and rest. We have our good (skin) days and our bad (skin) days but through it all we learn what works for us and what doesn’t. The beautiful thing about this journey is that we don’t have to do it alone. We can rely on the experience and wisdom of those we trust to help guide us in the right direction.

That’s why it is our mission is to educate and empower everyone to care for their skin, and themselves, in the most sustainable and effective way possible. Because like all good things in nature, genuine growth and wellness happen organically.

Achieving healthy, youthful skin is a lot more simple than it may seem.
The truth is, skin doesn’t require artificial fillers, synthetics or fragrances to glow. It just needs a few minutes of daily care and quality, organic ingredients to improve and maintain its own natural radiance. 

Let Gaelle Organic skincare products introduce you to the luxurious and eco-conscious approach to beautiful skin.

Every decision we make becomes a reflection of our values. When we make a conscious effort to value ourselves, we thrive through self love and care. This is why it is so important to offer ourselves the gift of quality. We can do this by making time and space to nurture our beauty from the inside out.

Invest in high quality skin care to allow your true beauty to shine from within. An investment in our skin is an investment in ourselves.

Chic and effective skincare through conscious design. Discover radiant skin with Les Petites. Our collection of travel-friendly, eco-conscious miniatures. Convenient luxury that embodies the philosophy that less is more.


Each of our products is packaged in durable, frosted glass to encourage longer life and less waste. Easily refill empty bottles with their full size counterpart for sustainable use.


For the modern individual interested in a minimalistic approach to effortless beauty. Les Petites offer luxurious product in smart packaging for versatility without compromise.


High quality, organic ingredients formulated to enhance the complexion and nurture timeless beauty with minimal product.

The Les Petites collection invites you to rethink the definition of self care. Whether curious about what organic skincare can do for you or for luminous skin on the go, Les Petites delivers natural, luminous results.