We are absolutely thrilled to be featured in BOND EN AVANT, Bovine Colostrum Face Cream – Great for Dry, Sensitive SkinA thorough analysis of bovine colostrum’s wondrous benefits for skin and all-round great read.

If you have very dry, irritated skin, this moisturizer is a gift from above, or if you’re someone who suffers from seasonal dryness when heaters are running high, I would highly recommend this moisturizer.

Amy Chang of BOND EN AVANT is one of our absolute favorite beauty bloggers. What started for her as a passion project has since become a leading non-toxic beauty authority. Amy really does the research and turns complex subject matters into easy-to-digest compelling content.

Since her values align so closely with ours, we approached BOND EN AVANT to introduce our brand. Intrigued by the inclusion of bovine colostrum in our organic moisturizers, Amy decided to try our Ultra Sensitive Crème.

This moisturizer really surprised me. Within the first week, it soothed my persistently red nostrils and dry chin area. And after applying it at night, I would awake to soft, hydrated skin, which must be the soothing ingredients (bovine colostrum, jojoba and edelweiss extract) at work. Bovine colostrum for the above mentioned healing benefits, and edelweiss for its super healing antioxidant properties able to soothe delicate skin.

If you’re curious about bovine colostrum and its benefits, be sure to check out the full review. We are so pleased that Amy saw results from our Ultra Sensitive Crème and overjoyed with this wonderful feedback.


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