If you have large pores, witch hazel may be just what your skin is looking for.

It’s high in natural astringents, which make skin cells contract and pull together, smoothing skin and reducing the appearance of pores for a more flawless look and a clearer complexion.


Witch hazel’s astringents include tannins like those found in red wine and pomegranates, which are natural polyphenols with antioxidant properties that protect skin from free radical damage and reduce the appearance of fine lines.


Native Americans recognized witch hazel as an all-purpose remedy for skin problems. Early settlers quickly learned its value too, and it has been used for centuries to nurture beautiful skin.

Witch hazel took its name from the ancient art of water divining. Forked branches were used by people with intuitive insight to find underground water sources.


Some witch hazel is preserved with large amounts of alcohol, which can be very harsh and drying, especially on sensitive or dry skin where it can make skin look older, and even cause discomfort – so it is important to use a high quality, alcohol-free extract.

The best witch hazel extract comes from twigs and bark that are harvested in the fall when the tannins are at their strongest, using steam distillation to get a pure and concentrated extract.


Witch hazel extract is wonderful in facial toners, and is a major ingredient in our  Toner Supérieure Pore Refiner .

Blended with rose water and other pH-balanced and naturally-astringent botanicals, it can help minimize pores, with no irritation or drying, even for the most sensitive skin.

If you’re inclined to large pores, use this this natural pore minimizer in your daily routine to keep your skin healthy and glowing.

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