When we think of brushing we tend to think hair or teeth, however there’s another part of the body that benefits from this practice- our skin. Dry brushing is a technique that has been around for centuries, and for good reason. So what is it exactly, and what might the benefits of dry brushing be?

Dry Brushing | Gaelle Organic | Organic Skincare

Dry brushing is an easy self care tradition that’s been popular with various cultures around the globe. By taking a firm, natural bristle brush and softly brushing dry skin, you can reap both external and internal benefits.

Why Dry?

This simple routine helps exfoliate away dead skin cells and stimulate oil glands. This allows the skin to perspire freely and better absorb products which results in brighter, smoother skin. It is also known for helping to redistribute fat deposits, reducing the appearance of cellulite and improving muscle tone which can contribute to a more youthful, healthy appearance.

Dry Brushing | Gaelle Organic | Organic SkincareInternally, the delicate brushing aids lymphatic drainage and supports the nervous, digestive and circulatory systems ability to function properly.

By stimulating these systems, the body has an increased capacity to eliminate toxins, strengthen immunity and support healthy cell renewal. Talk about achieving a glow from the inside out!

How to Dry Brush

It’s recommended to perform dry brushing once or twice daily, preferably in the morning before the shower. Starting at the soles of your feet, work upwards using about 10 light, brisk strokes per section. Always brush toward the heart/center of the body and focus on the armpits as these are important lymph drainage points. When in doubt, refer to a chart like the one above for guidance.

This routine should take approximately 10-20 minutes to complete. With freshly brushed skin, head into the shower to lather with Soap Supérieure to reintroduce moisture and finish cleansing away any flaked skin. Once refreshed, follow with Body Crème Supérieure that will leave your skin feeling and looking silky smooth from shower to shower. The luxurious emollients and extracts of edelweiss, rosehip and jojoba nourish and revitalize the skin for lasting radiance.

Take Away

Taking the time to slow down and connect with our bodies is so important for overall health and wellbeing. By incorporating dry brushing into your routine, you’ll notice that you and your skin will be able to breathe with ease. So break out the brushes and (gently) scrub away the old to reveal glowing skin and a refreshed spirit.

Please Note: Most health food stores have a selection of brushes for your convenience. To shop and compare online, check out the link here discussing the 10 best dry brushes. Opt for a softer brush if you choose to brush your face. A brush with a handle is great for those hard to reach places.

The skin will appear flushed after brushing, but if it becomes red or irritated try using a lighter touch. Sensitive skin types may want to use dry brushing sparingly or opt for a detoxifying salt bath instead. Be sure to clean your brushes every 1-2 weeks and enjoy the process!

Bringing you our natural, fresh, luscious products is not always simple. Ah, my kingdom for some organic rosehip seed oil.

Some of our top quality organic ingredients store very well – organic jojoba oil, for example, is super stable.

But some of our other organic ingredients need to be delivered to you in the full flush of freshness, so that you get all of the benefit of their skincare magic.

Last week, there was no organic rosehip seed oil to be had, due to production delays in Chile where fields of gorgeous briar roses yield the best oil.

Fortunately, we managed to track down some beautiful oil, and our illuminating Serum Supérieure and Body Crème Supérieure remain in plentiful supply.

Reasons to Love Rosehip Oil

Why are we so keen to use rosehip seed oil in Serum Supérieure and Body Crème Supérieure ?

The ancients, from the Mayans to the Egyptians, knew what they were up to when they used this luscious oil in their beauty regimes:

    • Rosehip seed oil is known as a ‘dry’ oil, which absorbs beautifully, and enhances your skin’s natural oil barrier. This reduces moisture loss and helps keep your skin smooth and plump, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
    • Rosehip seed oil nourishes dry skin and helps regulate its elasticity. It’s a polyunsaturated oil which is more than 70% essential fatty acids – linoleic acid or omega 6 and linolenic acid or omega 3 – the building blocks of healthy cell membranes. (Essential fatty acid deficiency may leave your skin dry, and promote whiteheads and blackheads.)
      • It evens skin tone, lightening the appearance of age spots and other blemishes.

It’s a wonderful oil. I’m not sure what we’d have done without it!

Happily your next bottle of Serum Supérieure Bio-Active Complex or Body Crème Supérieure is all ready and waiting for you.