We’ve curated some of our favorite travel destinations for a nature-inspired trip.

Grand Canyon

The ultimate natural spa. Mid-June is monsoon season at this magnificent wonder—a once-in-a-lifetime experience. After the water rises, an unrivaled steam sensation fragrant with botanicals and clays from the local landscape sweeps through the air, leaving your skin and soul more refreshed than ever.


June is in bloom, especially in Kyoto. The springtime crowds have departed and it’s not quite summer—making it the most peaceful time to visit. Witness some of the most beautiful gardens, enchanting temples and colorful shrines Japan has to offer in this culturally rich region of the world.


This summer’s hotspot—Marrakech. Beautiful pastel colors and regal architectural delights await. A soaring metropolis of art and culture filled with aromatic cuisine, snake charmers and bazaars—a uniquely charming destination to make lasting memories.


So, we’re a little biased, but there’s really nothing like an early summer trip to Ojai. Our hometown is a slice of California heaven—full of nature’s bounty and ideal for relaxation. Nicknamed ‘Shangri-La’, the ambience of local wineries, stunning hiking trails and rejuvenating yoga retreats will have you booking your next trip before you leave.

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