What are Skin Serums?

Skin serums are formulated as powerful adjuncts to your regular skin care routine. They have a high concentration of active ingredients, each of which is intended to serve a particular purpose. Some serums aim to reduce breakouts, others brighten, rejuveninate, or plump and reduce fine lines.

Our deep penetrating Serum Supérieure Bio-Active Complex is designed for radiance and restoration. It illuminates, lightens dark spots, helps reduce fine lines, and protects skin from signs of premature aging.

How Do Serums Work?

Serums are designed to absorb easily so their active ingredients can readily penetrate the skin. Where they differ most is in the kinds of active ingredients they contain. Our serum is packed with high performance natural botanicals. To highlight just a handful of these natural wonders:

Rosehip seed oil evens skin tone and reduces blemishes.

Licorice root extract and a proprietary blend of six additional botanicals promote a brighter, lighter complexion.

The potent antioxidants in green tea and edelweiss extracts help preserve collagen and support firmer, smoother, more supple skin, with fewer lines.

The richly nourishing properties of apricot kernel oil help reduce the appearance of fine lines. Its abundant poly-unsaturated linoleic and oleic fatty acids plump up dry skin to prevent signs of premature aging, and give a soft feel and dewy complexion.

How To Use Serums

Use serum in the mornings and evenings, after you’ve cleansed and dried your skin.

Gently spread one or two pumps of serum onto your face, then extend this treat to your neck and decollete.

Wait a minute or two for your skin to fully absorb all the potent botanicals and follow with a top quality organic moisturizer such as our Crème Supérieure or our Ultra Sensitive Crème.

Enjoy the virtuous glow of well-loved skin!

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