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Let’s face it- packing for vacation can be overwhelming for a beauty junkie. It would be so much easier if we could just find a way to make everything fit into our luggage, but unless you’re Mary Poppins, it’s probably not going to happen.

Besides, isn’t one of the nicest parts of traveling embracing the simplicity of packing light? It’s liberating to be away from the daily responsibilities of home life but if you’re anything like me, the one habit you don’t want to sacrifice is your beauty routine. The key is finding a collection of products that work well, are multi-purpose and compliment one another. With summer upon us and vacations on the books, our founder Gaelle has put together a list of five beauty essentials she can’t leave home without so that you don’t have to either.

  1. The first item is our very own Soap Supérieure– there’s just no better daily cleanser that works for the both face and body. Rich in nourishing oils and botanical extracts, it leaves skin soft, cleansed and prepped for anything.
  2. Gaelle follows up by using the conveniently sized Travel Care Essentials Kit which includes our body creme, toner, exfoliant and ultra sensitive creme for face and neck. If there are any four products from our line you want to grab and go with it’s these.
  3. The Masque Supérieure is another standard in Gaelle’s travel kit. Packed with sea minerals, clays and botanicals, this rejuvenating beauty staple provides the skin with the perfect pick-me-up after a long day of exploring outside.
  4. Gaelle’s favorite all purpose hair brush is by Mason-Pearson. This cult classic brush dates all the way back to 1885 and is well worth the investment. It’s sleek design is gentle on hair, redistributes natural oils and comes in many versions to fit your unique hair type.
  5. After prepping the skin with her toner and creme, Gaelle swears by her Vapour Beauty Aura Multi Use Radiant Stick for just a touch of glamour. In addition to being a fellow Ecocert and green beauty creation, this product is a fabulous multi-tasking color that works for lips, cheeks and lids. Gaelle likes the color Whisper, a soft rose pink with a touch of golden highlight.

Of course there are some other cosmetics you may feel inclined to bring, but after treating the skin to so many luxurious products, Gaelle finds it best to let her natural glow do its job. We hope that this list of beauty essentials helps streamline your packing so that you can relax and enjoy the moment to moment nature of your journey.

Ever noticed how your skin glows after a day of swimming in the sea or taking a long, rejuvenating salt soak? It’s likely due to the gentle yet incredible benefits of sea salt exfoliation.

Why Sea Salt?

Sea salt has been renowned for it’s purifying properties since the dawn of beauty. It’s healthier to use than highly processed commercial salts as it still contains skin-friendly essential minerals. Some include magnesium, potassium, iron and calcium which encourage healthy, clear skin.

Additionally, this gift of the sea is a powerful cleanser. It deeply purifies the skin as its finely milled crystals serve as excellent physical exfoliators.

Natural Exfoliants

Sloughing off dead skin cells is one of the best things you can do to maintain a smooth, revitalized complexion. This is why we made it a key ingredient in our Exfoliant Supérieure. When combined with the β-hydroxy acid and natural tannins found in willowbark extract, these wonders of nature work together to tighten the pores, refresh tired skin and restore your skin’s natural radiance.

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