Places affect me deeply. Here are three of my favorites, all spectacularly beautiful, and all very different in their energy and presence.

I was mesmerized by the antiquity and beauty of  Luxor. Warm ancient stones, speaking of timeless mysteries from a unique culture that I find so resonant.

Not so far away in space, but a world away in feeling, the fresh green beauty of the English countryside is a true marvel to behold, and is one of the places I feel most relaxed and creative in.

My lovely step daughter has moved to the Cotswolds, one of the prettiest areas of this pretty country, and I can’t wait to visit her there.

In my mind’s eye, amidst the softly rolling hills and weathered golden stone, you can imagine yourself part of a timeless continuum of humanity. In harmony with the land and with the seasons.

And, closer to home, and further forward in time, Big Sur in California is a place that just makes my heart sing. The majesty of the cliffs and ocean, the soaring redwoods, the warmth of the sun, the clean, clean air of nature.

Here you can feel filled with strength. Invigorated by fresh spaciousness  and the unboundaried energy of the endless ocean. Alive, alive, alive.

Wishing you happy travels!


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