The Phillips Collection in DC, home of the iconic Boating Party by Renoir, is offering a program that aims to deepen our connection with the art on display by encouraging us to “Think Less, Feel More.” Fantastic!

Starting in November when their “Slow Moving, Mindful Viewing” program is open to the public,there will be a guided tour available on cell phones that encourages us to “feel absorbed into the painting, as if you were stepping into it.” The audio guide is not about the works’ place in art history, but about how we can deepen our experience of it in the present moment – using the art as a way to enter a deeper state of mind.

Gary Lang

Here in Ojai, the highly organic home town of Gaelle Organic, there is an artist whose work does that very same thing. Gary Lang paints large Circles, 12 feet or more in diameter, that cause the viewer to enter a deeper state of mind. The normal view of the world, where objects exist in discrete separation from each other, is seen to be not the whole picture, as a world of vibratory aliveness presents itself. Keep looking at the Circles and a state of mind emerges where objects are simultaneously separate and part of a unified energetic field.

Think Less Feel More is a marvelous approach to art. I wish I could be in DC for it. However, I can take comfort in the local presence of Gary Lang and his work.

You can learn more about the Slow Moving, Mindful Viewing program in this article by the Washinton Post


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