I was so pleased to be interviewed by Beauty Store Business Magazine and have the chance to share the Gaelle Organic story with the owners of beauty businesses all over the country.

Hopefully, this will inspire your favorite home town beauty shop to join our wonderful business partners in Los Angeles, New York and Copenhagen, and you’ll get the chance to see our whole range all in one go. You can also buy from us online, but I know the pleasure of being able to see and experience the products in person.

Our customers so often report back on how wonderful our formulations feel on their skin, and the immediate radiance they see on their faces. It’s one thing for me to tell you that, and another for you to have the opportunity to experience it for yourself. I do so hope you’ll get that chance in person soon.

Given the response of our clients, and seeing their beautiful skin, I have to say that I’m so inspired about spreading the message of simple, organic, effective, radiant skincare as far as I possibly can.

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