Tea Plantation

Recent studies have shown that white tea has anti-wrinkle power in every cup. It works to protect collagen and elastin, whether you drink it or put it onto your skin topically. Tea is already the most popular beverage on earth. After you learn how good it is for your skin, you may be adding to its popularity! I did. You can read more about the anti-wrinkle benefits of white tea by clicking here.

Olive oil, too, whether eaten or applied topically, protects from sun damage and keeps skin from aging prematurely. Scientists believe olive oil consumption may be the component in the Mediterranean diet that accounts for the lower incidence of skin cancer in the region, even though there is so much intense sunlight there. You can read more about the beauty benefits of olive oil by clicking here.

There are many foods that protect collagen and elastin and delay the formation of lines and wrinkles. Nuts and seeds, sweet potatoes, whole grains and brocolli are favorites cited by FeelGoodStyle in this article: http://feelgoodstyle.com/2014/10/20/best-foods-for-skin-elasticity-wrinkles/

The key point is that maintaining the beauty of our skin is a holistic practice. What we put in and what we put on our bodies complement each other. Really, the big anti-aging secret is – there is no anti-aging secret. Doing what is good for our health and happiness causes us to flourish, and the main place it shows is in our skin.

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