Once you experiences fine oil-based moisturizers, there is no going back. 

You and your moisturizer should feel caught up in a love affair. Nothing less is good enough for your skin. -Gaelle

Nurturing Long Term Beauty

Our skin maintains a thin film of natural oils that helps retain moisture for suppleness and healthy barrier function. This essential layer of oils protects the deeper layers of dermis that generate collagen and elastin. As we age, our skin gradually produces less oil, becoming drier and more vulnerable to signs of aging.

Gaelle Organic | Olive Oil | Organic Skincare | Anti Aging, Softening, Smoothing | Why The Best Moisturizers are Oil Based

Over time, production of collagen and elastin also declines, so skin will tend to become less firm and lines may start to appear.

Without oils to reinforce the natural barrier, our skin retains less water, gets drier, and is more prone to fine lines.

Fortunately, we can replenish our natural oils with cold-pressed oils that have similar composition and properties, making them the keystones of great anti-aging moisturizers.

The best moisturizers for dry and mature skin will work to compensate for lower oil production by replenishing the healthy oils we produce naturally. Otherwise,  our skin risks showing signs of premature aging. That’s why, for mature or dry skin, the best moisturizers are oil-based.

Gaelle Organic | Why the Best Moisturizers are Oil-Based | Creme Superieure | Organic Anti Aging Moisturizer

Luscious emollient botanicals like Edelweiss Extract, Jojoba Oil and Evening Primrose Oil are just what your skin needs. Happily they are also rich in all kinds of other nutrients for the skin, promoting your skin’s smoothness and elasticity.

It’s for these reasons that we use natural oils, and a host of other highly-effective botanical ingredients, in our organic Body Crème Supérieure, Crème Supérieure and Ultra Sensitive Crème anti-aging moisturizers. Once your skin meets one of these luscious oil-based moisturizers, it will be love at first sight.

Colostrum is packed with immune and anti-aging factors to nurture thicker, more supple skin. It calms delicate skin, enabling creams to soothe as they moisturize, a boon for sensitive skin that can often react to anti-aging ingredients, making it difficult to support. 

In addition to its benefits for all skin types, colostrum can work wonders with difficult skin.

What is colostrum?

Colostrum is a sort of pre-milk produced at the end of pregnancy, filled with the antibodies and intense nourishment needed to ensure newborns survive birth and get the immune factors they need. 

 “Bovine colostrum is very similar in makeup to human colostrum. It has many of the same anti-inflammatory and healing benefits and has been found when applied topically to speed wound healing and reduce inflammation. In a 2015 study published in the Journal of Clinical & Diagnostic Research, researchers found that using bovine colostrum powder dressings for deep burns sped up wound healing. The cells and growth factors in colostrum promoted a greater reduction in inflammatory cells and supported healthy cell tissue repair of skin, muscle, cartilage and bone.” — Amy Chang, Bondenavant: Bovine Colostrum Face Cream – Great For Sensitive, Dry Skin

How we source colostrum

Bovine colostrum is collected during the first milking within 6 to 8 hours after a cow gives birth. That’s when it contains the hormones, immunoglobulins and other biologically active substances that make it so beneficial in healing and anti-aging. After that time, colostrum gradually transitions into whole milk.

A calf must receive about 2 quarts of colostrum to support its development as a healthy and productive animal, so at least this amount is usually hand-fed to the calf in a nursing bottle—the dairy farmers we work with always ensure that their calves receive ample amounts of colostrum.

After the calf has received all the colostrum it needs, the average amount of colostrum that can be collected from the mature Holstein cow’s colostrum surplus in the first milking is approximately 9.5 quarts. It is important to ensure it is tested to be free of pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, synthetic hormones, gluten and GMOs, and that it is processed by low-temperature spray drying to preserve its bioactivity.

Ingredients that work synergistically with bovine colostrum 

The main ingredient we highlight working harmoniously with bovine colostrum is edelweiss extract. People with sensitive skin are often unable to find anti-aging products that suit them because active ingredients tend to cause reactions. Even though edelweiss contains abundant antioxidants that are more powerful than vitamin C, edelweiss extract also soothes delicate skin, making it particularly valuable in anti-aging creams for dry sensitive skin – and an excellent complement to colostrum’s healing properties.

Crème Supérieure and Ultra Sensitive Crème feed the skin with antioxidants, minerals, amino acids and growth factor proteins that rejuvenate and revitalize it, giving the complexion a timeless radiance.

As summer comes to an end, it’s time to give your skin a little extra love. While a bronzed, sun-kissed glow and summer dips in the salty ocean can look and feel wonderful, they do give rise to special needs for your skin.  

Including a targeted, brightening organic serum into your skincare regimen can help to naturally reduce the appearance of sun damage on your face. Our deep-penetrating and illuminating Serum Superieure Bio-Active Complex helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles—summer’s tell-tales signs of sun exposure, at the same time as lightening dark spots and discoloration.

Serum Superieure is packed with high-performance natural botanicals. Ginkgo Biloba—has been famed for centuries for its longevity and resilience. Trees live for over 1,000 years and have continued to thrive after major extinction events. It contains abundant flavonoids such as Quercetin that are potent antioxidants which help support firmer, smoother, more supple skin and help reverse the signs of premature aging. Serum Superieure also contains Green Tea and Edelweiss Extract to help support firmer, smoother, more supple skin, with fewer lines. We recommend gently massaging it into clean dry skin, both mornings and evenings.

Exfoliating twice a week can slough away dead skin cells and help get rid of hyperpigmentation, leaving skin refined and polished. Exfoliant Supérieure is our gentle, but potent botanical peel for removing any dry, rough skin patches. For a complete facial experience, Gaelle recommends leaving Exfoliant Supérieure on the face while showering, so the beta-hydroxy acid in its Willow Bark Extract can give a gentle peel while its finely-milled French Sea Salt can penetrate deeply into the pores to give them a deep cleanse. 

For a full treatment, especially on days of exfoliation, Masque Supérieure is our rich sea mineral masque to relieve dryness and leave skin radiantly bright, smooth and silky-soft. A favorite among all our clients and an absolute must-have for keeping the summer glow going! 

Stay hydrated and cool and enjoy your self-care as we slip into fall with this wondrously nourishing skincare routine for guaranteed radiance and healthy skin!

Switching to an organic diet can reduce pesticides in your body by 70% in just six days, according to a new peer-reviewed study. That’s the really good news; the bad news is that Roundup (specifically, glyphosate) the world’s favorite weed-killer, does actually show up in our bodies. It was found even in the body of a four-year old who was included in the study.

Roundup is sprayed on our food, our yards, our public parks and our children’s playgrounds. This is despite the EPA flagging glyphosate as a potential carcinogen as far back as 1982. We just keep using more and more of it. Rather than restricting its use, the EPA has increased permissible levels.

It is a different picture in Europe, which plans to halve the use of pesticides by 2030 and shift to at least 25% organic agriculture. But here in the United States, it is we consumers who will need to lead the way. Some have fought back, winning landmark cases against Monsanto, the manufacturer of Roundup. But for each of us, choosing organic food is an immediate option, and, as the study shows, it is an option with very rapid, measurable results.

You can read more about the Roundup study in this article from The Guardian, and why organic is also best for your personal care products in this article from our blog.

We often think of waxes as household products that seal and protect surfaces from moisture damage. They may not spring to mind as particularly skin-friendly.

But waxes are a highly diverse family. Many waxes have a very low comedogenic rating, meaning they will not block pores – the opposite of what you might expect. They can actually play a significant role in protecting from outbreaks.

Beeswax is a case in point. It is not only non-comedogenic; it also has a skin irritancy rating of zero. It can provide comfort and nourishment even for sensitive skin.

Jojoba Oil is actually a wax, not an oil.  Yet it has a very similar composition to the face’s natural oils. It spreads and absorbs easily, letting the skin ‘breathe’ while moisturizing deeply.

For more about waxes and how they are tested for use in skincare, check out this post by Koster Keunen.

Give your complexion a refined, polished look, even on the hottest days. Toner Supérieure is your perfect summer solution. Daily use will give you pH-balanced skin with cleaner, tighter pores, and smoother skin. And because it is free of alcohol, you can be confident it won’t strip your skin of its natural oils, so you can take full advantage of as many ways to use Toner Supérieure as you want.

Here are five ways to use Toner Supérieure for your summer beauty needs:

Tighten Pores

In Toner Supérieure we blend naturally-astringent flower waters with other organic ingredients to tighten pores and restore skin’s natural pH balance. This is the perfect way to refine skin for the day ahead and also to restore it for the evening. Skin is naturally slightly acidic, with an ideal pH level of 5.5. At this level, skin is able to protect itself from damaging external factors and environmental stressors. A pH imbalance can result in sensitivity, wrinkles, inflammation or acne. Preserving the skin’s pH balance keeps its acid mantle healthy, which helps lock in moisture and rid skin of toxins—protecting it from breakouts. Radiant results begin here! 

Calm and Soothe Redness

Calm your skin with the cooling plant ingredients found in Toner Supérieure. Organic cucumber extract soothes and brightens, while organic peppermint extract is cleansing and uplifting. Aloe Vera’s blend of amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals have been used since ancient Egyptian times to rejuvenate, protect, soothe and beautify the skin. It calms irritations and restores tired skin. 

Cool and Refresh

Cool down and refresh with our Eco-certified organic toner. Gently dab skin with a soaked cotton ball to flush and minimize pores. For immediate and more intense results, it’s helpful to keep Toner Supérieure refrigerated.  Since we use no alcohol in any of our products, you can be assured Toner Supérieure will not cause irritation or drying. Instead, you can blot your face throughout the day to keep your skin refreshed, while also nourishing it with  a host of cleansing and purifying botanicals. Our fabulous petite size will fit perfectly in your purse for convenient on-the-go radiance.

As A Natural Deodorant

We’ve discovered the most wonderful little secret—Toner Supérieure works like a dream on your underarms! As well as restoring skin’s natural pH levels, Toner Supérieure contains organic apple cider vinegar, which fights body odor and provides exceptionally effective and long-lasting protection. Apple Cider Vinegar works its magic to ensure the skin under your arms is balanced, while the rose water and elderflower release their sensual floral aromas.

Stimulate Hair Regrowth

The cleansing and refining properties of Toner Supérieure can actually help in stimulating hair regrowth. Sweat causes clogged pores, which in turn damages the hair follicles—ultimately leading to receding hairlines. Toner Supérieure balances the pH and detoxifies pores, creating an ideal canvas for hair to regrow. You may even take it a step further and use Toner Supérieure as a hair rinse after shampooing. We often forget our scalp is part of our complexion too!

Toner Supérieure provides instant relief and beautifully refreshed skin. Keep refreshed—naturally—with our multi-purpose delight and you’ll wonder how you ever survived a summer without it! 


For our founder Gaelle, green beauty is far more than a fashionable movement. Her vision for Gaelle Organic came when her daughter Sabrina was in her early teens, bringing home over-the-counter chemically-laden “junk” to soothe her teenage skin. Following Gaelle’s alarm over the products’ ingredient safety—or lack thereof—Sabrina challenged her mother to create her own skincare line based on the cream she made for herself (her now best-selling Crème Supérieure).

Gaelle rose to the opportunity, having long since started her love affair with soothing botanical emollients and therapeutic essential oils, and passionately researched ingredient potencies and compatibilities to formulate an entire line of organic, yet effective skincare—a niche that at the time, seemed entirely contradictory.

Today, we sit down with Gaelle to reflect on her journey and discuss all things clean beauty.

Have you always been interested in beauty?

I have always been interested in the beauty, everything should be beautiful.

What motivated you to create Gaelle Organic?

Primarily, my daughter when she was fourteen who was bringing home products that were harmful and useless. I had been making my own products for years, partly due to skin reactions and sensitivity caused by too many synthetic products on my face during my modeling career. Sabrina inspired me to practice what I preached, so I tested my cream on twenty of my fussiest friends. When all of them came back to tell me it was the best moisturizer they had ever used, it gave me the confidence and courage to start my business.

What does ‘clean beauty’ mean to you?

Organic and natural ingredients that nourish and beautify.

What are some common misconceptions about clean beauty?

That it doesn’t work. That you need to use harsh chemicals in order to see results.  This couldn’t be further than the truth. Too many cosmetic companies misrepresent “clean beauty.” We’re fortunate to live in a time with information at our fingertips where we can simply Google an ingredient we’re not sure about—always asking ourselves the question: is it safe and is it effective? Too often, conventional cosmetics are filled with harmful fillers so that the company can keep their high profit margins. With clean brands—especially organic—you get what you pay for: carefully selected high quality natural ingredients that won’t harm you or your environment, which are not just as powerful, but often times more so.

What makes Gaelle Organic special?

Simply put, the results! We are very proud of our complete list of ingredients and how they work. We spare no expense in sourcing the highest quality ingredients and they absolutely must be organic. The more raw and untouched the ingredient, the higher its potency. This is the reason we aligned with Ecocert, as we found their values and standards completely in line with our own.

If you were to describe your brand in three words, what would those words be?

Organic Timeless Beauty

Which clean ingredients are you most in love with and why?

There are too many to name! I’m an ingredient obsessive and all the botanicals, clays and minerals I use in my products offer their own unique purpose. Edelweiss is fabulous and featured prominently in many of our products. It grows wild in high alpine meadows where the sun’s rays are most intense, and contains abundant antioxidants that are more powerful than vitamin C. I was delighted when we found a commercial grower so we could add this fabulous ingredient to our line. We actually won the BSB European innovation prize for including Narcissus Bulb extract in our anti-aging products—given its proven ability to smooth and protect skin from the appearance of aging. Yet, some of our more “unique” ingredients, such as responsibly-sourced bovine Colostrom powder and finely-milled Breton Sea Salt are what make our products truly shine.

Which Gaelle Organic products can you not live without and why?

Exfoliant Supérieure, Masque Supérieure, Serum Supérieure and Crème Supérieure.  They rejuvenate, nourish and moisturize your skin creating a beautiful, healthy glow.

Do you think the ‘clean beauty’ trend is here to stay?

Absolutely. Why would anyone ever want to go back to harmful ingredients that don’t work?

What’s on the horizon for Gaelle Organic skincare?

We have two new upcoming products—a new serum and masque, which we can’t wait to launch! The results we are seeing from our testing are Amazing!!

Entering motherhood is both an exciting and enlightening experience. When pregnant, many of us women begin assessing the safety of our surroundings in ways we never even considered before. Health becomes our top priority, so naturally we become more particular about what we put on and in our bodies. This is often when we discover the importance of clean beauty, but the truth is, it’s always the right time to make the switch.

Clean beauty companies like ours strive to deliver the results you expect without compromising you or your little one’s health. This is why we prioritize transparency in our ingredient labeling, so you can make educated decisions about your personal care. To make things even easier, we’ve compiled a list of seven well known ingredients to look out for when you’re expecting.

Essential Oils

Starting with one of our favorites, these wonderful, aromatic ingredients are generally best avoided while pregnant. Use of essential oils is a controversial topic as dilution and trimester are influential factors, however after about 14 weeks products like our Soap Supérieure Rose Geranium are most likely safe for you and baby.*


A popular anti-aging and acne fighting ingredient, Retinoids are a vitamin A derivative found in many prescriptive products. These should be avoided during pregnancy as there is evidence these medications can affect the development of the growing fetus. So although you might love them in your routine, wrinkles and breakouts can wait! We don’t think your baby will take notice of them anyway.


Also listed as BzBP, DBP, DEP, DMP, or diethyl, dibutyl, or benzyl butyl phthalate, these chemicals are added to increase the effectiveness of other chemicals in a formula. Recent studies have linked these to many adverse health effects, so it’s best to avoid them entirely but especially during pregnancy.


A skin lightening agent in products made to treat hyperpigmentation, hydroquinone is a chemical that easily absorbs into the body. Up to 45% can permeate the skin into the bloodstream, so it’s probably best to skip the chemicals and up your use of sunblock to protect your skin and baby from chemical and UV exposure.

Chemical Sunscreens

Speaking of sunblock, make sure to use a physical sunblock over a chemical sunscreen. Mineral-based sunblocks create a barrier on the skin to reflect harmful rays away while chemical sunscreens absorb and scatter the harsh UVs in the skin. These chemicals can impact fetal development and are also contributing to the negative health in our oceans, so try opting for non-nano zinc!

Beta Hydroxy Acids

A wonderful liquid exfoliant, BHA’s are unfortunately best avoided during pregnancy. Look out for ingredient names such as Salicylic acid, 3-hydroxypropionic acid, trethocanic acid and tropic acid, as again these are easily absorbed by the skin.


A common preservative and known hormone disruptor, parabens are not an ingredient you want soaking into your skin, pregnant or not. Whether they start with propyl, butyl, isopropyl, isobutyl or methyl, it’s in your best interest to steer clear of products with this synthetic ingredient.

Transparency Gives You the Power

Once we start looking at the products in our cabinet, it’s hard to find a product without these popular ingredients. So what’s a mama to use? Our best advice is to look for products that align with your values from companies who practice transparency and integrity.

Winter Skin | Dryness | Gaelle Organic Blog | Organic Skincare | Organic Anti Aging MoisturizerBeing an Eco-Certified brand, our products are held to the highest possible standard. Our certification means that at least 95% of the plant ingredients in our products are produced by organic farming. In addition, harmful synthetics, GMOs and animal testing are completely out of the question.

Although we do use essential oils in our products, the dilutions should be safe to use starting in the second trimester*- just in time to treat your growing belly to the hydrating and restorative Body Crème Supérieure. Backed by third party scientific research and respectable certifications, we designed our products to be effective, efficient and eco friendly for long term use.

Mothering the Self, as well as Others

Among many other changes, motherhood comes with the responsibility of giving precious time and energy to those who rely on you. No matter how you become a mother, parenthood can be incredibly rewarding but also challenging. Between appointments and events, prepping and cleaning, it’s difficult to find time to stop and care for oneself.

But one of the many gifts we receive through becoming a parent is the reminder to mother ourselves. To care for and nurture the child within us, so that we may be more conscious and present for our young ones. Giving back to yourself should be high on your list of priorities, because no one can pour from an empty cup.

This is partly why we created our luxurious line of organic skincare. It’s perfect for those in need of a streamlined routine that doesn’t compromise on performance or quality. So take the time to read through your ingredients, be mindful of your wellbeing and when all else fails, simply do the best you can. Conscious living as a mother may not be easy, but we set the standard for the next generation when we nourish ourselves, body and soul.

* These are our educated opinions as skin care formulators, estheticians and mothers however please refer to a qualified medical professional before following this advice or using products that contain any of the ingredients listed in this article.

For more great clean lifestyle tips during pregnancy check out this article by GurlGoneGreen

Climate change and sustainability are without a doubt some of the most important issues being discussed today. With the global community becoming increasingly aware of the impact of our daily habits, we have an obligation to live as ethically as possible for the future of our health and survival. With Earth Day shining the spotlight on many of the ways in which we can be more environmentally conscious, we wanted to share some of the amazing things about Earth you may have not known or celebrated lately.

Nature as Medicine

Did you know that spending time engaging with nature has profound effects on our health and wellbeing? Science has shown that as little as 20 minutes of outdoor activity a day decreases the amount of stress hormone your body produces. The ultimate natural remedy, a daily stroll among the trees can not only significantly decrease stress and anxiety but also improve mood and memory. So the next time you reach for your phone to pass the time, consider looking up and wandering outside for a bit instead.

Trees Communicate, too

Have you ever talked to a plant and wondered if it could hear you? It might not be as crazy as it seems. Research has revealed that trees send and receive messages via biological pathways underneath the soil. This phenomenon influences their growth rates and even aides saplings in access to limited resources.

Forest Scientist Suzanne Simard found evidence that different tree species converse through symbiotic relationships with mycorrhiza, or ‘fungus root’. Their intricate web of fungal threads connect different individuals in the forest and enable passage of nutrients, hormones and chemicals. This underground communication network silently occurs under every footstep we take in the forest, and is quite fascinating to consider the next time you walk through the woods.

The Merging of Nature and Urban Environments

The industrial revolution was unfortunately a major contributor to the chopping of trees around the globe, but with increased awareness and action, we now have more trees today than we did 100 years ago! Continuing this momentum is a movement to green our urban landscapes by bringing the forests into the city.

Architects like Stefano Boeri who spearheaded the Forest City in China and Bosco Verticale in Italy are revolutionizing the way we think of urban living. Their revolutionary designs create a symbiotic union between our modern day inventions and Earth’s natural wonders. Can you imagine a future with flourishing sky scrapers and vibrant green city skylines? It’s a dream we can’t wait to turn into commonplace reality.

The Largest Living Organism Thrives Below the Surface

Remember those fungal friends that help trees talk to one another? Well sometimes strains of fungi do more harm than good, and in this particular case it led to a massive discovery. When scientists in 1998 started investigating why trees were dying in an Oregon national forest, they found the largest, and one of the oldest living organisms on the planet.

Armillaria solidipes, a specific strain of Honey Fungus, covers a whopping 9.6 square kilometers, or 3.7 square miles of the forest floor, and is estimated to be between 2,400 and 8,650 years old! Inspiring to see how resilient one of nature’s creations can be over the millenia. We can’t help but wonder what stories it could tell.

We Could Have Neighbors

So this may not exactly be a fact about our home planet, but it’s definitely worth mentioning how scientists have discovered evidence of planets potentially similar to ours. The awareness of Earth-like planets such as Kepler-186f is an example of how anything in the universe is possible. They may be out of our reach, but the idea we might have a celestial neighbor in a galaxy far, far away is a humbling reminder of how precious our own home is, and how we might want to clean house before a visit.

It’s intriguing to think about the possibility of life beyond Earth, but being here and now is enough cause for celebration. To enjoy the many innovations and natural wonders of our world is an immense privilege and inherent responsibility we all share- which is why we all celebrate Earth Day and do our part to raise awareness and choose ethical practices.

As a certified organic line of skincare, we take pride in practicing integrity and transparency in the creation of our products. In delivering the healing properties of nature to the skin through clean beauty, we find a cause for celebration every day.